Sale SC "200 CLUB"

Sale SC

Thanks to everyone who has replied to say that they would be interested in supporting a “200 Club”. We believe that we have had sufficient interest to launch this initiative.

The scheme will be starting in April, and the subscription is available on WebCollect as of now, so if you set up your regular payment by the end of March you will be eligible to take part in the first prize draw which will take place in the Club bar on Saturday 9th April.

If you start subscribing before the 1st June you will also be eligible for the additional Christmas Jackpot prize draw so don’t delay.

Remember that it’s really important that as many people as possible support this fund-raising scheme to ensure that we can continue to enjoy the sporting and social activities of the Club.

To find more information including how to enter the draw click on the following links or just go to the Club website.

Click HERE to view the draw Terms & Conditions

Click HERE to view the instructions on how to set up your subscription on WebCollect

Click HERE to view the 200 Club Frequently Asked Questions


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