Club Development Update

The one question that most people ask me is “when will we get a new clubhouse?” We have been looking at this project for some time, although it is important to emphasise this is about improving the facilities of the whole club and trying to get a facility that hockey and football can use somewhere in Sale, as two of the biggest costs to the club are maintaining the house and astro pitch hire fees.

We have done a lot so far using volunteers and favours, but we now have to start spending real money on professional fees. So to take this forward we have organised a year of fund raising, starting with the jubilee weekend. Despite the weather the weekend was a great success. We did raise some vital funds, but thanks to the involvement of Sky Sports News in our fun day we can’t put a price on the publicity we received. We launched their “Get Involved” week, a message that hopefully we all live and breathe at the club! Those who volunteered over the weekend did a great job, thanks for all your help.

However it doesn’t stop there. Over the next year we would ask individuals and the sections committees to run their own fund raising events. If any members are entering an event (such as a run or bike ride), please consider donating some of your sponsorship to our development fund. You can split with any charity you choose (doesn’t have to be Christies). We have Sale Sports Club Just Giving web page set up and it’s really easy to create your own sponsorship page from it.

If you have any ideas or need some support, then please do not hesitate to contact Alex Moore who will be glad to give advice.

Rob Moore - Sale Sports Club President

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